Building Teams the SMARTer Way

Having a productive, harmonious and high performing team is one of the most important factors in business success. Don't let the pitfalls and barriers get in your way...

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Leadership and Management.  Getting the balance of these key skills right as a manager is vital to employee engagement, productivity and profitability.
Employee Development.  Implementing strategies for effective rewards, developing autonomy and communication all increase employee engagement and well-being.
Organisation structure and systems. Having clear organisation structures, shared values and vision and effective systems increases productivity.

Team Potential Development

For you if you:·

*Struggle with employee engagement or recruiting the right person into your team· 

* Are tired of feeling overwhelmed by your practice, and ready to make some changes to free up some of your time

* Wantto get the best out of your employees and care about well-being

* Arelooking for a leadership expert to guide you in how to build a high performingteam‍
Your investment
From 2,157
£497 per month for 6 months
Working together with you and your team you will:·      

* Have DiSCover your potential sessions for up to 10 team members

* Identify the gaps in your practice relating to connection, cooperation and communication

* Create the catalyst to improving wellbeing and engagement levels in your team

* Implement the core foundations to building a high performing team

Discovering and implementing strategies to boost employee engagement and get you back sometime.
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Maximising the potential of your people.

In many businesses the salary costs are one of the biggest figures on the balance sheet. It has been proven that a happy team deliver excellent customer service, which maximises client retention and directly improves bottom line profit. Not only that but improved team happiness reduces absenteeism and increases retention, all of which save your business money.

All too often though business owners find managing their people to be one of their biggest causes of stress. Employees are human beings that experience a wide range of emotions, and all have differing personalities and drivers which influence their performance. This means that often buisness owners fail to unlock human potential or develop their employees into a cohesive, effective and high performing team, all of which can boost bottom line profits.

Build your high performing team with SMART support

Look at all the areas we can help develop your team:
This simple tool identifies the balance of key traits which can improve productivity, strengthen relationships and help build high performing teams.
Vision, Mission & Values
Having a clear vision, mission and set of values for your business creates a shared sense of purpose fostering a sense of commitment and action.
Discover how the power of effective communication with your employees is key in building high performing teams.
Organisation Structure
Having a clear organisation structure and lines of reporting are key to effectively managing your people.
Roles & Responsibilities
Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities are key to effectively managing the success of your people.
Reward & Recognition
Discover the importance of both reward and recognition and how to do both effectively to increase employee motivation.
Employee Development Reviews
Find out how to implement this process to deliver even greater benefits to employee engagement than a traditional appraisal system.
System Implementation
Work with us to create a fully systemised business and increase the productivity, profitability and saleability of your business.
Remote Working Systems
This process allows you to give employees autonomy increasing their engagement whilst ensuring you can manage your business results.
Management & HR Processes
Work with us to ensure that you have accurate, up to date and effective processes in this areaas these are vital when you are managing a team.
Leadership and Management Training
Essential training for those wanting to develop an inspiring and authentic leadership style while demonstrating a robust and reliable approach to managing others.
Delegation Skils
This training is designed to develop skills in leaders and managers to ensure that delegation is done effectively.

What Our Customers Say....

“I’ve felt Joanne is someone I can turn to for support on difficult issues as well as bouncing ideas for the business, I feel she understands well what I am trying to achieve, and she has also taken time to speak to and listen to my team and understand their roles too.”
Louise Hudson, Hudson LM Ltd
“Jo’s expertise, particularly when it comes to dealing with people and teams, brings an extra dynamic to our business that we simply don’t have in-house.”
Jeff Windsor, Davey Grover Ltd
“I have worked with Joanne for a number of years now. She has a vast knowledge of business and offers fantastic advice and support. You will get immense value from working with Jo and help ease the stress of running a business.”
Sandra Evans, Finsbury Robinson Ltd
“Since working with Joanne we have successfully established collective company values and all understand a bit more about how each member of the team works: their strengths, ambitions, and communication styles, as well as any concerns or areas where support might be needed. Joanne is a pillar happy to be leaned on, offering fresh insight, objectivity and always positive advice.”
Bryan Davies,Unvented Components Limited

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