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We are proud to have been featured in the latest edition of the Your Business with James Caan. In the article we share what makes us different from other business coaches and how you can benefit from working with us.
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We are proud to have been featured in the latest edition of the Business Owners' Checklist in The Times on Saturday.
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Smart Support for Your Business

We help business owners to work SMARTer in their business, maximise motivation and to build high performing teams.

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Working SMARTer Not Harder since 2013!

Business Development

To increase business resilience, it is important to take a step out of working in your business to work on it. Our support can help you to workSMARTer, maximise efficiency, and increase profitability. With focus on three areas:

Reviewing your business strategy, people and processes.
Increasing your sales success, negotiation and/or customer account management skills.
Maximising your marketing, networking or referral strategy success.
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Team Development

Within in any business the people within it and their resilience is just as important and those businesses with high performing teams enjoy a greater level of success, enjoyment and profitability. With focus on three key areas

Leadership and Management
Employee Development
Structure and Systems
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DiSCover Your Potential

To maximise your potential you need an in depth understanding of your personality traits and how to both unlock and nurture those capabilities. We can help you to DiSCover:

Your core strengths, motivators and communication style.
Your balance of focus on both task and people.
Your preferred working pace and approach.
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“I’ve felt Joanne is someone I can turn to for support on difficult issues as well as bouncing ideas for the business, I feel she understands well what I am trying to achieve, and she has also taken time to speak to and listen to my team and understand their roles too.”
Louise Hudson, Hudson LM Ltd
“Jo’s expertise, particularly when it comes to dealing with people and teams, brings an extra dynamic to our business that we simply don’t have in-house.”
Jeff Windsor, Davey Grover Ltd
“I have worked with Joanne for a number of years now. She has a vast knowledge of business and offers fantastic advice and support. You will get immense value from working with Jo and help ease the stress of running a business.”
Sandra Evans, Finsbury Robinson Ltd
“Since working with Joanne we have successfully established collective company values and all understand a bit more about how each member of the team works: their strengths, ambitions, and communication styles, as well as any concerns or areas where support might be needed. Joanne is a pillar happy to be leaned on, offering fresh insight, objectivity and always positive advice.”
Bryan Davies,Unvented Components Limited

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