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Building teams the SMARTer way

Your clear and concise guide to the SMART steps required to build your high performing team.

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Delivering team excellence

In this video I share my thoughts on how to build a high performing team.

Delivering Team Excellence

Are your clients delighted with your service?

Client Feedback

Individual Analysis

Our DISC Profile service gives you a better understanding of each employee and how to get the best out of them. It also is great for building a high performing team.


Good appraisals are key to motivating employees. Let our ‘done for you’ appraisal service take all the pressure off of you as the business owner.

Team Performance

These services are designed to develop a high performing team. Whether that is by understanding the skills in your existing team to maximise efficiency, increasing their motivation by asking them how they think the business could improve through a team feedback and action planning session or dealing with existing team issues in a timely manner through effective mediation.

Customer Feedback Process

Given the increasing demands of customers alongside increasing competition it is more important than ever to ensure that you are delivering an outstanding service. This service allows you to find out what your internal and external customers think and feel about your service before it’s too late.

Building Teams the SMARTer Way

Your personal guide to help you maximise the potential of your employees, and get the best return for your investment.

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The power of words…

Today I sent out some emails to former attendees of the networking sessions that I am part of the team for, promoting this week’s events. I had 2 replies that landed in my inbox, both with only a few words, that caused pretty different emotional responses in me and...
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Surely everyone feels like I do right now?

These are challenging and uncertain times for everyone right now whether you are in business or not. COVID-19 came at us when were unprepared, but why is that people have had different responses to the crisis? This is something that I am sure psychologists will be...
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What if…my business advice

This summer for me will be memorable and not just because of the unprecedented hot weather we had! You see I had another cancer scare which involved numerous doctors and hospital visits, over several months and even included minor surgery. I am delighted to say that...
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Marry or divorce the team

When you recruit a new employee into your team then effectively they become ‘engaged’ with your business and even in some ways to you at that point. Depending on how you recruit they may also have bought into your why and are enthused by and committed to your mission...
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Conflict and why it happens in business

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is that of leading and managing a team. But possibly the thing most business owners fear, in the arena of teams, is managing conflict. Avoiding the potential for conflict strengthens the need for clear and...
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Staff your team

Throughout my working life one of the words, which is most often used by employers, that really irks me is the word staff. For the longest time I didn’t really understand why, then two things happened. Firstly I worked with a former accountant called Jonathan Holroyd,...
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Mission statements

One of the fundamentals of business is to start with the ‘why’ your reason for being in business, or your mission statement.  You need to communicate this before you get into the how you fulfil your purpose, through the products and/or services that you offer. To help...
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Start with why…

In business one of the most common phrases I hear is that employees and even clients don’t ‘get what we do’.  Clients can be unappreciative and employees never seem to give their all to their work. This is caused by many different things, but when I come across...
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What are your employees not telling you?

As difficult as it might be to hear this... matter how good a leader you are and no matter how committed your employees are... ...there will be things that they are not telling you. How do I know? Quite simply from the work that I have been doing with teams...
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Happy New Year?

This morning I headed into my City Centre office space, which I use to keep me focused, and as it is a shared office I bumped into another tenant who I hadn't seen this year yet. I wished her 'Happy New Year' and asked how things were for her, which prompted a moment...
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Your Business

Running your own business can be isolating. Who do you talk to when you are not sure if you are making the right decisions? That is why many business owners are seeking the support of a business advisor

Your Team

We work with you, so you can understand the people in your team and how you can all communicate much better, to create a more productive and enjoyable environment.
If you are not getting the results in your business that you are looking for and want to get your team more on board with what you are doing then SMART Support For Business Limited can help.


You don’t want to waste money, therefore we offer a 100% money back guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied you only pay what you think it was worth.

Running a business is never easy and the demands upon your time are ever increasing, so you need to work to your strengths.   Jo’s help in undertaking our Team Survey and co-ordinating our six-monthly appraisal process has provided us with much greater insight than we could have obtained by doing it ourselves, and not only saves me time, but also helps me to focus my time and efforts on the overall direction of the business.

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