As human beings there are many things that we do daily that are habitual. For example we don’t need to think to breathe.

Then there are the things that we have learned which our minds have made habitual for us, to make life easier.

steering-wheel-clipart-204603_tsRemember when you first learned to drive, how uncomfortable it felt and how alert you were to everything that was happening around you. I bet you couldn’t talk to any other passengers or listen to music on the move. But now isn’t it so much easier and don’t you do most of it subconsciously?

So habits can make our lives much less exhausting as we don’t have to think about the tiny details of everything.



But they can also make life more challenging and here’s why.

When things happen around us on a regular basis we stop thinking about them and don’t notice any changes that might be occurring in the environment around us. The same applies in a business context. We think that we know the way that things are for our firm, for our customers and for our teams.

Instead we need to be looking for the ‘invisible’ problems.

What I mean by that is we need to take that step back and look at things from a different perspective. By looking at your business and/or your systems from a wider perspective enables you to view all the different boxes or steps. From here you may be able to spot opportunities to merge boxes or perhaps event remove one altogether.

Children often ask the best questions to challenge the way things are normally done, because things have not yet become ‘habitualised’ for them, so they don’t know that it isn’t the way things happen. Your challenge is to get that kind of young thinking in your business.

The best way to challenge your business habits is to get your new starters to review your systems.

For the simple reason that they have not become ‘habitualised’ yet into your firms way of doing things. They will bring their own knowledge and experience to your business and ask the favourite question of a young child….


If your only answer is ‘because we have always done it this way’ then the chances are it is probably time to see if there is a different way.

For those who are fortunate to have a high level of employee loyalty and so don’t recruit very often, then engaging the help of someone from outside your business will work equally as well.

Remember if you need help to do this then just pick up the phone, drop me an email or leave me a message below and ask.