I would recommend Joanne; she is an excellent business coach and has a way of looking at things from a different perspective which is most helpful when you are in business on your own. She is both personable and professional and has already helped me move forward and take some decisions in the short space I have known her.

Louise Hudson

Hudson Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

I have worked with Joanne over two separate periods at different stages in the history of my business. Both times Joanne has proved to be a great help to my business.

As a busy person it often takes a third party to view my business in a friendly but objective way and to help me identify and implement the best changes to grow my business.

I would be happy to recommend Joanne to anybody as a general business coach or with her particular skills in accountancy and her emphasis on making teams work.

Della Hudson

Hudson Accountants

As a small sized firm, we had undergone major changes in the 12 months prior to committing to the team profiling, the team were strong together, but cracks were beginning to appear. The team profiling exercise gave the whole team a better understanding of how we each ‘ticked’, what motivates us and how we could communicate better.  We were given the tools to help us to improve communication dramatically. Team members can now focus on what motivates them and the right task is being done by the right person!

Julie Angell

Clinker Little

I have been working with Joanne for 18 months now. In our monthly coaching calls she has both supported me and made sure that I am accountable of the actions that I want and need to take. This has meant that she has challenged me in a positive way, to be honest about what needs to be done and offered different ways to look at things.

Mark Swindale

Shield Technologies

I have been working with Jo for the last 18 months.

As an owner of an Accountancy practice it can be a lonely existence with no-one to turn to in your own business to discuss problems and to be supported on your journey. What you need is a sounding board to provide an external perspective on the problems that you face as a business owner.

We have a monthly coaching call from Jo who provides encouragement to meet our agreed objectives and she challenges us if we are not moving towards those goals to find the real reason why action hasn’t been taken. Her personality means that even though she can be tough with you when it’s needed you know it is your best interest.

Jo takes the time to understand you as a person and how you work and with that knowledge uses her years of experience and knowledge to bring the best out of yourself to drive your business forward. I have had a fundamental issue in my business and Jo has been challenging, supporting, patient and persistent in her support to me and my wife to ensure that we reach the right decision.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Jo’s coaching services to any business owner that wants to improve themselves and their business to fulfil their potential and reach their goals

Tony Kensington


I was introduced to Joanne by a trusted colleague, Simon Chaplin. I have had monthly coaching sessions with Joanne for the last 10 months and have benefitted hugely from them.
I find talking with Joanne gives me an outside perspective on my business and allows me to see things I would otherwise miss in the fog of daily activities.
I highly recommend Joanne if you want someone who will speak openly, honestly and confidentially with you about your business challenges. You might not always immediately like what you hear, but you will grow to respect what you hear and that it was a valuable insight!

Sanjay Shah

Search Answers

Joanne is excellent at what she does. Not only is she passionate but she driven and committed to helping her clients above and beyond the call of duty. I have always enjoyed working with Joanne as she is thoughtful, caring and diligent in her approach.

Shaz Nawaz

AA Chartered Accountants

If you need a sounding board with sound knowledge of accountancy practices you have found the person.

Andrew James

James Stanley and Co Limited

Given Joanne’s wealth of knowledge of the issues which accountants face when growing their businesses, Joanne has been the ideal person to coach me through the process of opening my firm’s second office in Kent. I particularly appreciate her directness which makes our discussion very worthwhile and productive.

I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne’s services where a client expresses an interest in obtaining business development advice.

Paul Lawlor

Donal Lucey Lawlor

Joanne is a really insightful coach and consultant. She has a high degree of integrity and genuine concern for her clients and brings a wealth of experience to bear. A real treat to work with.

Guy Bartlett

Whitegate Consulting Ltd

Working with Joanne over the last few months has been an absolute pleasure.She keeps us grounded each step we take in growing our business and helps us pay attention to the relevant area we are working on. This way we stay on task without getting distracted. Thank you, Joanne, for helping us get started. Without your wisdom, practical guidance and sense of humor we wouldn’t have gotten where we are now as fast and effectively as we did.

Gabi Prestidge

Monday Morning Grin

The problem I had, was a particular member of a small team was intent on destroying the business I had worked so hard to develop. I had tried different avenues of employee engagement with this employee, but I just couldnt change the situation, no matter what I did. Morale was extremely low and I even felt I didnt want to come to work ( and its my business) just because of this one person. I didnt want to go againt any work laws, as all employers are stepping on eggshells, so I didnt know what to do.
I needed someone to help me refocus and help me with this. As an employer, sometimes we need support and theres not always anyone there to point you in the right direction.
Id just got to the end of my tether with this employee and the horrific atmosphere and after looking around Linkedin for business coaches and also the internet, I found Joanne. Ive always been very interested in the motivational side of business, so I decided to contact her.

Initially, the problem was returning the business back to a good working environment, Joanne was there to support me and also assist me whilst dealing with the employee. Now that employee has resigned and at that time, left us in a bad situation, because one of our more experienced staff members also resigned. It has taken some recovery, but I can see we’re 200% better now that the employee has left. At the time I really blamed myself for the employee’s behaviour, and I felt a failure. Joanne, helped me deal with that and also helps me set goals for my future progression. Due to the nature of my business, I work B2C, so networking isnt something that would benefit me. I find it invaluable that Joanne attends these events and is able to feedback other businesses services, which helps me make contact on her recommendations and develop my business.

I have found the support invaluable, its a lonely job running businesses and its hard to find someone to bounce ideas off or deal with problems. Joanne is highly recommended, her professionalism and support is second to none

Theresa Arnold


I have worked with Joanne for a number of years now. She has a vast knowledge of business and offers fantastic advice and support as a business coach. She has worked with me to help formulate a structured business plan and the steps needed to achieve that plan. She always follows up on everything and, more importantly, is determined to hold me accountable for the things that I promise to do. She keeps me on my toes!!!

I would highly recomend to any business owner that you will get immense value from working with Jo and help ease the stress of running a business.

Sandra Evans

Finsbury Robinson Ltd

Joanne is the reason I am still sane today!

6 months ago seems like a long time for me. Before I was working with Joanne I was struggling with stress, insomnia, high work load, low profits, a lack of direction and that was just the tip of the iceberg! I currently work 40 hours a week (some times less) and never evenings or weekends! I sleep 8 hours a night, I have reduced my workloads to concentrate on my most profitable cases and routinely turn work away. I now bill more and make more profits and this is all due to Joanne’s coaching.

When Joanne first contacted me (referred to me by Paul Miller, thank you Paul) I could not see see how I was going to be able to commit to working with Joanne to make the changes that were screaming to be made in my business. Initially as a cynical accountant I struggled with the additional financial cost and time cost to me when my stress was sky high. However, I must say that working with Joanne was one if not the best thing I have done since I started my business.

Having the commitment to constantly have a weekly goal to hit has been a great motivator for the changes that I needed to make. Having initially spent 6 months putting out the fires in my business. I am very much looking forward to working with Joanne over the next 6 months to start building the foundations for my business to grow from .

Thank you Joanne and thank you Paul

Nathan Holmes

SmallBiz Accounts

Joanne has helped me find new perspectives on some of the most important issues in running my business. She seems to have the knack of steering me into thinking of things in a new way. I’ve given up counting the number of “Why didn’t I think of that before?” moments we’ve had together. No nonsense, intelligent support is what Joanne’s about. Highly recommended.

Graeme Hall

The Dogfather

I worked with Joanne for a number of years and have always found her to be extremely efficient, very approachable and caring. Her support during a difficult time with my business was exceptional and I will always be grateful to Joanne for the time, advice and support she gave me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Neil Ballard

Lewis Ballard

Joanne truly believes in helping accountants archive the best that they want to be. And she is outstanding in helping her clients achieve this. She is true professional. One of life’s hidden gems.

Paul Miller

Cornish Accounting Solutions Ltd

Joanne recently spent a day with us profiling our team members. The findings and feedback from the exercise have helped my team members understand individual working styles and how to work better with each other. As a result, the happiness in the team is on the up and is their productivity. Fantastic news!

Stuart Ramsey

Accountancy Extra

Joanne has worked me over the past 18 months, on a one-to-one basis and also with my team. Joanne always gives good guidance and insight and has helped me to develop as a business owner. She is an expert on helping teams to communicate more effectively. Her team day at our office has helped us to discover what makes each of us tick and, in the process, we have become more cohesive.

Kay Daniels

Daniels Accountancy

Joanne’s expertise and overview has kept us on track to successfully develop our own business with spectacular results – excellent work!

Margaret Large

Large Chartered Accountants