At the end of last year my friends daughter Sophie headed off to Cardiff university to study Geology.

She was so happy, but recently she made another very important decision that I both admire and respect her for.

So what did she do?

For weeks she had not been happy but she took responsibility for doing something about that.

In fact she had changed halls of residence after her first semester because of getting disturbed by other students.  But she still wasn’t happy.

She realised that she just wasn’t enjoying the course.

After all her hopes and efforts put into her studies it just wasn’t what she thought it would be. The parts of the subject that she thought she would love she just didn’t enjoy.

So she took the decision to go and speak to her tutors. From there, after many discussions, she arranged to move course.

The new course she chose was Zoology and while this was a natural choice for Sophie her studies so far were not geared towards this subject. This meant that she didn’t have the right qualifications to start straight away.

This didn’t deter her,  she is now going to study a year of maths and biology, chemistry and physics, geared towards the Zoology course, to catch up and then start the 4 year degree course from there.

So why do I admire and respect her so much and why am I telling you?

Well, ask yourself…

When was the last time you admitted you had made a wrong choice? How hard was that to do?

Now imagine you had spent two years of hard work,  sleepless nights and overcome a bucket load of challenges to get you started on that goal. To the point you admitted it was the wrong thing to do.

It requires a real degree of honesty with yourself as well as bravery to make that kind of decision.

But since she made the choice and took some action she has been happier and healthier.

So ask yourself this question….

What are you pretending not to know?

What decisions are you not taking for fear of what might happen, or because of all the effort you have or in so far to trying to make things work,  when really you know that it is the wrong thing to do?

What impact is it having on you and or your business?

Then ask yourself what small step can you take to start to do something differently and take responsibility for changing things?

Now go do it!