Team Profile Audit

Undertaking our Team Profile Audit helps you ensure your teams are performing the most effectively, as where a there is significant underperformance the cost to the organisation can be high. The analysis carried out can also help you to build their motivation and commitment, to identify potential power struggles and understand what leadership style will be the most effective. The Audit is equally valuable in helping you put together effective project teams too.

During the process we will take you through a process to identify what your ideal team profile would look like in terms of skills set and work behaviours.  This is then used alongside our Personal Profile Analysis to enable you to understand the individual strengths, limitations and the value they bring to the business.

Once each team member has completed the Personal Profile Analysis the profiles are combined to give a profile of the existing team and an individual comparison of each team member’s contribution.

The Team Profile Audit provides you with a greater understanding of the strengths of the existing team as well as the areas to consider when making future recruitment decisions. In addition it can identify the limitations of the team and suggest possible ways to address these.

Contact me if you are interested in how a Team Profile Audit can help you increase your team effectiveness.