Team Feedback Process

Building a sustainable business cannot be achieved without the team being on board, focussed and motivated.  The challenge is how you as a small business owner receive feedback from your team. As you are involved with them on a daily basis you might find it daunting to ask for their feedback.  So imagine how difficult it would be for them to give you honest feedback, particularly if things aren’t all positive.

However the answer is at hand, our team feedback process involves each individual being sent a survey to complete which can be done by post or online, but importantly can be done anonymously. The completed surveys are then sent back to SMART and the results are then collated and put into a written report for the business owner.  Importantly though a team feedback session is also part of the process.  This involves everyone being part of a discussion about the positive results of the survey, any key issues raised and suggestions offered to improve even more.  This then forms a specific action plan with deadlines and responsibilities allocated. 

By being asked for feedback and being included in the discussions about how to improve things your team will become even more committed to the success of your business.