SMART Appraisals

For me one of the most important communication processes is that of the regular appraisal process. This gives your employees an opportunity to take responsibility for their own development which increases autonomy and also their motivation.

But I know that as a business owner there are many demands on your time and many different roles to fulfil. Whether that is chargeable work, managing the finances, or marketing the business.

At the same time as doing all that you also have to ensure that you are complying with industry regulations, one of which for many industries is that of delivering a regular appraisal for your employees.

This is something that you are not necessarily trained to do and so in all likelihood you probably will not enjoy doing them. If you then factor in the amount of time involved to do the appraisals, not doing chargeable work, it can be seen as a drain on your resources.

But a good appraisal system can increase employee motivation, efficiency and effectiveness which has a direct impact on the bottom line of the business.

That’s why SMART Support For Business Ltd have created support packages for the busy business owner which mean the appraisals are done for you.

Appraisal Package

This includes:

Six monthly appraisals with all team members

Written up action points for the business owner from all appraisals and summary of the individual employee objectives.

Feedback conversation with director(s) to go through any concerns/opportunities



Step 1 – A telephone conversation with the director(s) to ascertain how they would like the business and team to develop

Step 2 – Dates are agreed for the first appraisals

Step 3 – Appraisal forms are sent out to employees for completion

Step 4 – Appraisals are carried out. A typical appraisal will last up to 90 minutes.

Step 5 – Notes and action plans are created and shared with the business owner

Step 6 – Feedback session is carried out with the partner(s) and dates are agreed for the next appraisals



This service is priced according to the number of employees within the team. Contact us to find out more.