IMG_1012Whenever you employ a group of people there is always a chance that there will be disagreements, or perhaps people that just don’t get on.

In most cases these disagreements are between employees, but sometimes they can be between you as the business owner and someone within the team.


Many of the business owners that I have met do not find mediation otherwise known as ‘dispute resolution’, or helping employees work through their issues with someone else,  comfortable.  Often it is the case that the business owner simply hopes that ‘things will sort themselves out’.

But, if left unresolved this can have serious consequences for the business.

The ill-feeling between two people can not only cause that relationship to break down, but it can also soon influence the perceptions of other employees. This can then go on to affect the working atmosphere within the office making an unhappy team who are going to be less productive as a result.

On a positive note, if handled properly, and ideally in a timely manner, then helping people resolve differences can increase the motivation of the employees concerned and also sends a message that you, as the business owner, care about their welfare.

The way that I can help in this area is to open channels of communication.

To give specific examples:

I helped one legal services firm where the partner’s relationship with a senior team member was incredibly strained to overcome the ill-feeling and move into a discussion about how they could better support each other. I did this by getting them to recognise their own strengths as well as the strengths of the other using the individual analysis or DISC profile analysis.

On another occasion I worked with a director and a senior team member, who had also been friends, where their relationship had broken down both inside and outside of work.  By facilitating an open and frank discussion between the pair, the working relationship was improved.

So if you have known disputes, or just a feeling that some of your team aren’t getting along, then get in contact today to see how I can help you.