Be SMARTer using DISC

I know from my years of working with business owners that there is a tendency to try and continue to do everything yourself, even when you have a team to support you.

Rarely though have those business owners actually stopped to think about what they are best at doing.

By carrying out an individual DISC profile analysis assessment  you can learn about your strengths and where you are most effective. That way you know where you can add the most value to your business. You can see a sample report here

This information can then be used to structure your working hours and identify those things that it would be best to find someone else to do.

As a special offer this month I am offering three people an opportunity to have their own individual analysis done.

For the discounted price of £125+vat (RRP is £175+vat) you can:

  • Complete an individual assessment (DISC profile assessment) online
  • Have a 45 minute telephone feedback session to discuss your profile and what it means
  • Receive a one page written summary document

To grab your opportunity simply fill the form in now.

Be SMARTer using DISC