Individual Analysis

Individual analysis or DISC Profiling is a underutilised tool in maximising team performance, building  motivation and delivering astonishing results.

In this short video I explain why.

One of the main characteristics of human beings is that we all have emotions and this adds to the complexities of management.  In a theory published by Dr Marston in 1928 he suggested that individuals are either passive or active, depending on whether they perceive their environment to be favourable or antagonistic. He split these into four common characteristics dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. Marston suggested that most people display all of these dimensions at times, but that individuals will display one or more of these characteristics consistently in their work environment. This theory formed the basis of the DISC Personal Profile Analysis which is gaining in popularity in management circles.

The Individual Profile analysis is a hugely valuable tool and one that I use to help my customers understand their people much better, particularly if I am carrying out their employee appraisals for them.

Every team member will be different which means that there is no right or wrong profile. The results can help you to understand yourself, others who work with you and the dynamics within the team:


Have you ever heard the saying “you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole”? In business this is often reflected but not always understood, in your teams. How many times have you found that no matter how hard you try with a team member they just do not seem to do their job as well as you would like? The profile gives you an understanding of the individual in terms of how they prefer to work and how comfortable they are in fulfilling the role they have.

As a business owner you will understand and appreciate the need to change, but you will also instinctively know that some people love change and others hate it! Our attitude towards this is influenced not only by our past experiences of change but also our fears and motivators.  In order to keep the business moving forward you will inevitably be faced with the need to implement some change, understanding the profiles of the individuals in your team will help you to plan how to do this.

One of the fundamental aspects of team management is that of communication. This is a complicated process, as a business owner you have to consider how much information to share, if it isn’t enough then the team are not necessarily going to be interested enough in the firm, yet for others too much information can give cause for concern. On top of this some people prefer verbal communication, whilst others prefer written material. Also, some people need a lot of detailed information but others are happier with a broad overview. The profile brings clarity around the communication preferences of the individuals in your team.

Communication also plays a significant role in how well your team get along with each other. When people do not understand the work place behaviours of their colleagues this can cause conflict; imagine if one was a talkative individual and the others around them were not? What if someone likes to juggle a lot of things all at once, yet those ‘feeding’ work to them are much more evenly paced and methodical? These types of situation could all lead to frustration; simply by understanding the profiles of the people they work with, these frustrations can often be minimised.

Using the Thomas International DISC Profiling tool, I can complete individual analysis reports for each team member.  These can then be used collectively to do a team analysis or you can use the process for ensuring you recruit the best person for the role you are looking to fill.

You can view a sample report here to get a feel for the type of information you can get from the report.

But if you are serious about improving your business through the individual analysis then you can grab your own unique report for a special discounted price here. 

Finally if you have any questions about individual analysis or how you can improve your teams then contact me now on 0114 221 9054 or by email