Team Performance

team1Michael Gerber suggests that most entrepreneurs start their business because they are good at doing something, a technical skill. However, this means that as the business grows and entrepreneurs recruit people to work for them, they then begin to face the challenge of managing a team but often have had little or no formal training in how to do this.

One of the key challenges for business owners is understanding the different people in their team which can be made easier by carrying out an individual analysis of each persons working strengths and motivators. To create a high performing team it is  important to understand the type of team that you want and the make up of the skills you need to maximise your business success.

Another important aspect of retaining your good employees is to help them feel connected to your business and its success. one of the ways we can help you do this is through us co-ordinating an independent team feedback and action planning process.

Finally, when you are working with a diverse group of people, it is also inevitable that sometimes communication between employees can falter and relationships can become strained or even broken.  For many reasons it is important to deal with these issues timely and if necessary we can offer mediation support.

Contact me if you need help with reviewing your team performance or preventing the need for costly HR (Human Resources) intervention.