Recruitment managing existing team members, the next biggest challenge to business owners is that of recruiting the right people the first time for their business. Often the focus of recruitment is on finding someone with the right skills and experience, which means that the work ethic and attitude of the individuals can be overlooked.

How many times have you sat in an interview with a potential employee and listened to their answers but not really been sure if they were simply telling you what they thought you wanted to hear?  Or perhaps more commonly, you have not been sure what questions to ask the candidate to be sure that they are the right person for the job.

We can help you with your recruitment processes from deciding you need to find someone right through to employment contract being issued.

One of the first steps in the recruitment process is working out what duties the role will include and the right skills required. By using our job profiling service  you can identify not just the necessary technical skills but also what individual strengths are required. When this is then used alongside the individual profile analysis you can begin understand how suitable a candidate is for the role and within the team. It can also help you to choose interview questions to double check that they are the right person. We can also support you with conducting skill assessments of your potential employee.

Contact me if you are interested in using SMART Support to help with your recruitment processes to build a stronger and more effective team.