When you recruit a new employee into your team then effectively they become ‘engaged’ with your business and even in some ways to you at that point.

Depending on how you recruit they may also have bought into your why and are enthused by and committed to your mission statement for your business.

An engagement leads to a marriage and in this analogy you need to treat your working relationship with your employee like a marriage.

What I mean is you have to ‘work’ at the relationship just like you do in a marriage.

It requires mutual trust and respect as well as open and effective two way communication, these are fundamentals for business relationships.

There are different types of communication with your employees whether that is an informal conversation in the office or at a team social event, through a regular scheduled meeting, or even in a more formal setting such as an appraisal.  You could also commit to a formal team feedback process.  I cover all these different aspects in my book “A clear and concise guide to Building teams the SMARTer way: Creating the business you really want” if you want more advice on how to communicate with your team better.

It is important when you communicate with people though to make sure it is a two way process, seek feedback from your employees as often as you can and crucially make sure you take it on board and action things wherever possible.

In any ‘marriage’ there can sometimes be conflict.  You need to firstly understand why it happened and take steps to resolve it. Sometimes though, for whatever reason, you can’t resolve it between the two of you that are in the marriage and so you may choose to go for marriage guidance. As a business owner, if there is conflict between yourself and a member of your team, or between two team members then you can look to seek the help of an impartial third party to offer some mediation.

Sometimes though marriages don’t work out and it is better for all parties to divorce.

‘Divorcing’ team members is perhaps the most uncomfortable and potentially complicated territory to be in for business owners. But it is something that has to be tackled if all other avenues have been explored unsuccessfully.

The reality is that sometimes employees just no longer fit with your business, for a number of reasons, and their presence in the business will be draining the energy of you and your team.  What’s more, your good employees may even get frustrated by you not handling the issue and leave themselves.

Divorce can be messy, but it can also be done in a positive way that leaves everyone free to go on and live the life that they want to.

If you have someone in your team that you could use some marriage guidance about then get in touch and I will gladly have a 20 minute chat to point you in the right direction.

Just email joanne@smartsupportforbusiness.co.uk with the subject line ‘Marriage Guidance’ and I will do the rest.