limiting beliefs

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

I saw this photo and it made me think…

Imagine you are sat looking out to sea, to the point where the sky meets the sea in a seemingly straight line, the horizon. Once people held the belief that the world was flat and that if you reached that point you could fall off.

That may seem ridiculous now, but at the time it was a firm belief for many.

But then someone decided to question that belief and was brave enough to challenge the belief. To keep heading towards the horizon and test what was possible.

You see horizons are nothing more that the limit of your vision…

The moment you label something ‘impossible’ that means that it is beyond sight, or out of your reach. It becomes a limiting self-belief.

It becomes something that other people will do or experience.

I know that sometime those beliefs can be helpful in protecting us…

But how many others are actually holding us back?

How many things are you not doing because you have told yourself that it is impossible?

What things are you scared to try in 2014…

Perhaps others in your industry haven’t done it before, so it must be dangerous….

As dangerous perhaps as sailing towards the horizon and risking falling off the edge?

Then I started to remember how many things I have achieved that I would have previously thought were impossible.

When I set my goal of achieving a first on my degree I could have told myself that only a small percentage of students get a first, making it a limiting self-belief. I didn’t and so with hard work and dedication I achieved it.

Then last year when I was inspired and challenged to start my own business, I could have told myself that a large proportion of start-up businesses fail, but again that would have made it a limiting belief. Instead with the love, support and encouragement of some wonderful people in my life I made the leap and have never looked back.

So, I would encourage you to challenge yourself, to expand your horizon.

Think about a big goal that you would like to achieve, plan the first small step and take some action.  Every step forward means you are expanding your horizon and building your self-belief.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve, I was!

Remember, if you need someone to support you in expanding your horizons or making your plans that is what we are here for.