In the last couple of blogs, I have hinted that I had some news to share about what has been taking all my time up away from work and I am delighted to now be able to finally be able to reveal it…

The last 12 months has been spent studying an MSc in Developmental Psychology and I am proud to say that I graduate next month.

Over the course of the studies I have had several challenges that I needed to overcome and learned so much about the subject and myself.

In future blogs I will begin to share some of my learning and how that could apply to you and your business.  But today I wanted to look back at what I learned about myself…

So at the induction event last September all of the messages from both academic and support staff, were that this was a hard course, maybe I didn’t take them seriously or perhaps there was a degree of arrogance in me that thought as I had got a 1st in my undergraduate degree I wouldn’t find it that hard.

Second week of lectures though and I began to worry and doubt my ability to do the course.

I had no psychology background at all and some of the content of the lectures could have been spoken in a different language!

But what I had to do was take a look at myself and have a serious word. I recognised that I have a big perfectionist streak and that I was putting an unreasonable amount of pressure on myself to ‘get it’ right from the off.  Whereas had I been learning a foreign language I would have had far less expectation to know it straight away.

After successfully passing the first three assignments for my two initial modules by December last year I felt like I was starting to find my feet.

Oh boy, was I in for a shock when the second semester started.

I had chosen to study full time as it just meant a full day of teaching rather than a half day. But the first semester had kind of lulled me into a false sense of security about managing the workload.   In semester two I had four different modules to study as well as preparing for my dissertation!

hard work studyingEach module had a recommended 10 hours of self-study time… 40 hours… that is the equivalent of a full-time job! Add onto that the full day teaching (9am through straight to 5pm)…

Oh, and meeting client expectations and managing my business.

Little surprise then that at times I felt increasingly overwhelmed with everything I had to do. What I learned from that time was that it was really useful to block out chunks of time for all aspects of my life including housework and seeing friends and family.

I also learned that I have an amazing support network around me, they were brilliant at keeping my spirits up and had faith in me even when I was lacking in confidence.

But more than that I had to acknowledge that I am capable of far more than I ever thought possible.

How about you? What can you learn from this?

Ask yourself:

  • Where are you putting yourself under too much pressure?
  • Where do you doubt yourself?
  • How could you improve your efficiency by better planning?
  • Who is in your support network?

Finally, if you need any help with any of the above then just get in touch and ask.