tony robbins greatness

When I first read this quote I had to stop and think.

Too often it seems that people are encouraged to be successful. To do well in school or at that job interview or even with their business venture.  But how often are we encouraged to be great at something?

If you think about it, this starts from a very young age. Parents often focus on achievements and milestones.  It can even become a source of pride that their child was the first in their groups of friends to achieve success at walking, talking or sleeping through the night.  This continues when the children reach school age. Teachers are focused on helping children achieve the targets set by the government and success is measured on how many they achieve.

But instead consider how this would be if the teachers were focused on ‘greatness’ instead. What if rather than focusing on the number of achievements the teacher encouraged natural talents and nurtured the greatness. After all, do we all need to be good at all things?

Also, how many times do we do things because we feel we need to? How hard is it to get motivated to do those things?

Instead, consider how it feels to do things that we are passionate about? Things that we have a natural talent or greatness for. Isn’t that much easier? Don’t we feel great when we are spending time doing those things? Work doesn’t feel like work really.

So ask yourself….

“What am I really passionate about?”

Then consider how that relates to your hopes and aspirations, or goals for your business and go take some action now to move you towards achieving that goal.