I just read this quote  “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning to work on becoming yourself.” Anna Quindlen

and it resonated with me on a couple of levels.

This year, as part of my personal development I am working with Sanjay Shah to improve my Emotional Power, or Emotional Intelligence and that process is helping me to become myself. But that process can be quite challenging…

You see we are all different.

We might share similar, or even the same, experiences but we will respond to them differently on the inside due to the unique way each of us is wired up. Our experiences in infancy and childhood shape how we behave.

In order to be ourselves though we have to realise that as an individual we all have certain skills, strengths and weaknesses. But too often we see the weak areas as flaws that need to be perfected, when really they are just what makes us who we are.

We even impose weaknesses on ourselves because of a desire to be ‘perfect’.

For example I often found maths difficult when I was at school and so I had told myself that I ‘couldn’t do maths’ and in fact I remember hearing myself tell others the same thing.

But then as part of my degree I did a finance module which meant I needed to do maths. Worse still I knew there would be an assessment at the end…

Otherwise known as a test.

But my great friend Debi spent time with me showing me how to do the calculations and so I engaged with maths on a much more practical level. It is probably no surprise to you, but that whole process made me realise I can do enough maths to get me through my everyday life.

The belief that I couldn’t do maths came because I saw others who ‘got it’ a lot quicker than I did and so I wasn’t perfect.

So ask yourself…

What perfection are you striving to achieve for you, or your business?

Whose idea of perfection is it really?

Are you trying to ‘be’ or do something that really is just not you?

Rather than seeing your limitations as holding you back, instead consider them as opportunities to help someone else do more of what they love and are good at.

I would love to hear your stories too, so please share them in the comments box below.