Last year I went out for a meal with my cousin David to the Grain Store in London and they did something differently that caught my attention…

When they brought the bill to us this was what it looked like…

Pear (2)

Rather than the standard, rather boring, little black plastic trays the bills normally come on theirs were inside the pear.

It was something really different, that made me remember them.

Then last month I met with Chris Booth in Stockport and he took me for lunch at Robinsons Brewery Visitors centre.

They too did something differently in the way they offered their products.



You see on the drinks menu was something called beer tapas… it looked a bit like this


beer tapasEach little glass help precisely a third of a pint and you were given the opportunity to have a different beer in each glass.

What a great idea.

It shows real thought about their customers.


The restaurant serves the visitors centre and also dedicated conference facilities and so most people are visiting during the day. So that means they are more likely to only have one pint at lunch time. With some creative thinking the customers are still only drinking one pint, with the associated units of alcohol, but they are sampling three different kinds of beer in one go.

They can of course buy bottles of the beers in the gift shop which you cleverly have to walk through on the way out.

So ask yourself…

How could you package your products or services differently so that your customers and potential customers are pleasantly surprised and/or can ‘sample’ more of what you have to offer to increase the chances of them buying more?

I would love to hear of any other great examples you have seen or done, simply share them below.