Every business, no matter how successful, experiences problems of some kind somewhere along the line. Problems are normal…customers who are not paying on time, not getting enough sales leads, or team members not working as hard as you would like.

From my experience of working with business owners, one of the most difficult problem areas for them to tackle is issues with their people.
Well people are emotional beings and often those emotions get in the way. Whether it is the business owner or team member that is fearful to tackle issues, or discussions getting de-railed because of anger.
But transparent communication, where everyone’s concerns and points of view are freely expressed, is one of the key ways to solve those problems.
How can problems be solved if you never get to the root cause of the frustration or really understand why your employee is de-motivated?
Many business owners don’t even ask their people for feedback on their experience of working for the organisation, their frustrations, or the opportunities to improve that they see.
But even for those that do, often they don’t get to know the real issues….
No matter how much of an open door policy you have, I would suggest that there is still a chance that your people are not as honest with you as you would like.
Consider this…
If one of your employees has an issue with something that is happening in the office, by telling you they potentially run the risk of you sacking them. Or maybe highlighting that one of their colleagues has or is doing something wrong.
Would you speak up if you had those concerns?
The problem solving process then becomes something of a treasure hunt.
Effective communication towards problem solving happens when people are really honest and my experience is that this is more likely to be open when they are able to do so anonymously.
So ask yourself…
How often do you really talk to your people?
  • Do you ask them about their concerns/frustrations?
  • If you do ask them, but feel that you still don’t understand how to improve their motivation, then consider what processes you could put in place to give them an opportunity to be more open and honest.
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