Last week I talked about the importance and benefit of having trust in your business. But what if you haven’t got the right levels of trust. What can you do about it? There are some important principles which of trust and the foundation of any high-trust organization is the integrity of its leaders. By “having integrity” I mean do the things you say you are going to do. Remember it starts with you personally… As the person running the business it is up to you to set the example of the culture you want to build, how you want things to be done. This includes how you want people to be treated. Simply talking about this isn’t enough, you need to actually behave in that way. Just a word of caution being trustworthy is part of your character and you can’t fake it and people pick up on phoniness. What builds trust is authenticity and team members watch their leaders for a role model. So, miss an opportunity to be that example, and you miss a chance to raise the level of trust. My final thought on being trustworthy is that it takes work. In my experience the most trusted leaders are working on their own personal development and are regularly receiving feedback, learning from it and making changes. When you start leading by example then your team will begin to trust you and then your foundation some is laid. So ask yourself, what have you done this week to show your team you are trustworthy? Remember if you need help building the trust levels in your team, ask us we would love to help you.