As a business grows the owner, or entrepreneur, recruits people to help them meet the demands of the business.

Sadly, all too often they fail to make the most of their people and build them into a team.

But how do you do it?

A common mistake that the business owner makes is that they hang on to doing too many things because they find it hard to delegate tasks to their employees. In some cases this is because they don’t know how to delegate effectively, which I will cover in a future blog. But often this is because they don’t know what to delegate.

They spend their time split between all the different roles required by the business…

Operations, marketing, bookkeeping and debt collection, sales, managing the team…

And then wonder why they are not being as effective or seeing the results that they would like.

Instead of doing this, the business owner needs to stop and think about where their own strengths are and where they add the most value to the business.

You see they might be able to do all of the roles but it unlikely that they will be highly successful at them all.

That’s where tools like the DISC profiling analysis can play an invaluable role.

This tool can help you to identify your key skills or working strengths, so that you know where you add the most value. It also means that you can also identify the kind of skills that you need amongst your employees to complement yours.

By allocating roles and responsibilities to the people with the right profile, or skills, you will find everyone will enjoy work more and things will happen a lot easier.

If you want help to identify where you can add the most value to your business email and ask.