Last week I wrote about how to improve your chances of achieving your bigger goals and being more accountable. If you missed it you can read it here.

But what if you are struggling for time?

Having worked for 9 years with accountants I have seen many respond to the increased work load by simply working longer hours and even weekends to get the job done.

They are not alone though many people deal with these challenges in the same way, but that is bad for you. It can damage your home life and ultimately damage your business. Overworked employees eventually become less productive and disengaged which increases the chances of them leaving.

Many people will talk about time management, but time is a finite resource as you cannot add more hours in the day.  Instead start managing your energy. It is possible to boost your energy levels and so achieve more without in the same time, if not less time.

When we are busy, getting through the day is like running a marathon – it’s one long, hard, exhausting slog. This is the first mistake that people make when they are busy.  They keep working through the day without taking a break.  Consider instead a sprint runner…

If you were doing short periods of running (or hard work) with regular recovery periods in between (or breaks) this can make you feel more energised.

To help you do this at the start of each day think about your workload and break it up into a series of smaller objectives. Then the really important part…

Book in time for breaks – even when you think you really can’t spare the time. Taking just a little exercise boosts your energy levels. Studies show that making time for a 20-minute walk every day can help increase energy enough to improve your productivity.

Try it and note how you feel afterwards.

Also you need to make sure that you get sufficient sleep and eat properly too. Not getting these things right can diminish not only your energy levels, but also your ability to focus.

So, if you feel overwhelmed and low in energy then take 10 minutes now to sit and think about what needs to be done this month, this week and or today and break it down into smaller objectives.

If you need help to take that step back and break down your workload then just give me a call and ask.