About Joanne and SMART Support for Business

I have worked for over 10 years coaching business owners and helping them to improve their businesses, their teams and ultimately their lives. But just over 3 years ago I started SMART Support for Business out of the desire to help more people achieve the business results they deserve and build a highly motivated and engaged team in the process.

My passion has always been about the power of a team, which is why when I studied for my degree in Business and Management, my specialist focus was around people and leadership including an independent research project into the motivation of individuals in a small business.

From working with business owners over a decade, I have a strong understanding of the common frustrations of business owners.

They are sometimes lonely, with nobody to talk to or guide them; often they are overwhelmed and working too many hours, for not enough return: with a team of people that aren’t working as effectively as they could. As a result of the amount of time invested in their business, often they miss out of the important family events, or spend little time with their partners or for just for themselves to relax. Holidays are a thing of the past and sometimes even their health suffers.

If you resonated with any of what I just described then I am pleased to say that it doesn’t have to be like that!

I have worked with many firms who have turned their businesses around and are now reaching the levels of success they deserve, some have even gone on to win business awards.

Some of the ways that I have helped businesses in the past are through: conducting individual analysis, or DISC profiling, to assess employee core strengths; carrying out regular appraisals for their employees so they don’t have to find the time; mediation or dispute resolution to solve issues between employees or in some cases the owner and an employee; or conducting independent team feedback sessions to uncover what is really affecting the teams motivation.

So if you are feeling challenged and/or overwhelmed then get in touch and we can explore how I could help you to get the results you deserve.

Connect with me on LinkedIn today and see what others say about how I have supported them to overcome their challenges, have a business that is less dependent on them and have more choices about how they spend their time.

Or for specific help and advice for you and your business contact me on 0114 221 9054 or by email at joanne@smartsupportforbusiness.co.uk.